Flor Flamenca

After I finished my third table, a friend asked if I could do anything that wasn't flat. I rose to the challenge and started building this 5'6" flamingo. Little (really, quite little) did I know what I was getting into. Four and a half months later, she was finally finished. She is built out of rebar, wire mesh, wire, and cement with some plumbing parts thrown in for good measure and shape. She is covered with glass, but her name comes from the ceramic flowers that adorn her chest and neck. She sports colorful fishnet (appropriate for water fowl) stockings. I love the ocean, so I included a few sea shells here and there and, since our pooch was losing his puppy teeth, he is immortalized by having a few of them are tucked between her legs. Flor was lucky enough to have a 13" picture of herself appear in the San Jose Mercury News, front page of the garden section, in 2006. She greets us everyday when we come home.

In artist’s private collection