Sleigh Ride

When someone challenges me to create a type of mosaic I've never done before, something inside me says, "Yea! Why not? Go for it." To me experimenting is fun and that's what art should be about. Testing and trying your creativity and having fun -not doing the same thing over and over again just because it's "safe" or easy. I've always been about color, so doing something all white is quite the challenge. You have to think about texture - and I love texture - and different types of white. The only non-white I used was for the person's face. Even the irridescense in the sky is white streaked glass that has been irridized. The snow is white quartz, made into smaller pieces as you go farther into the scene. The highest level is quartz powder, then I swithched to stained glass. The trees are shells and coral, the hooded scarf is beads. The horse's mane and tail is made of sea urchin spines. Since sleighs are made of wood, I made mine wooden, too, with pearls and beads decorating it. The other thing I did with Sleigh Ride is to avoid a rectangle. I used the shape of the mountaintops as the top top border of the piece. The black is just a background that I photographed it on.