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Glass Mosaics

Selected Recent Works

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Something Fishy

Purple and Yellow Flowers

Bunny In My Garden

Monarch Butterfly

Flowers on the Hill

Bluebird Backsplashes

A photograph can never properly capture a mosaic. The true colors, textures, and variety of materials are lost in the reflectivity of the glass and tiles. A mosaic is always best seen in person. That being said, enjoy what you see!

April is a mosaic artist in Los Gatos, California, who creates beautiful, unique works of art using art glass and other interesting items. Her works have been featued in the San Jose Mercury and in the Los Gatos Weekly Times. Her mosaics range from decorative and unique license plate frames, stepping stones, tree jewelry, to small and large wall hangings, and large three dimensional works.

April has appeared recently on Silicon Valley Open Studios‘ “Talk Art” on public access T.V., Redwood City through Mountain View, CA.

The complete show is available here. Click on the Talk Art video to the left to play the 28 minute show.